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Well hello there!

It's been a while since we updated the blog. Just a brief announcement for today. Since the day we promote the tees for IPG Gaya Kota Kinabalu, we actually received a lot of requests from other institutes as well. Yeay! haha. So, to make it easier for us and also for you cool boys and girls out there, kindly leave an email to Farid at: to make a request. Make sure you give us your:

  1. Name: Ali
  2. Phone Number: 0129883322
  3. The institution: UITM KK
  4. Words: Uitm di Hatiku
Those are the samples okay?

Kindly put the subject like the one stated above: REQUEST FOR CL TEES.
While the fourth one (Words) is to let us know what the wording you prefer to be in the design and before you submit the request, kindly confirm with your other at least 25 friends that they actually gonna buy if we produce it. Ask them to spend a minute here and let them decide. (U may offer them to view our catalogs). If they are interested, we will start sketching the design for ya!

Don't hesitate to submit a request and feel free to ask if u have any inquiries. We won't bite
Thanks a bunch for supporting us!

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