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Tees akan siap on 14 April! Sabar ya kawan-kawan :) ada sedikit masalah teknikal yg menyebabkan kelambatan tee siap di print. Tapi dah okay . Just wait! :D

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Fuh, another tiring day. Today, Mr Hafifi (from marketing Dept) and I (Farid) went out settling our very own first edition of campus life for IPG Gaya and IPG Kent. Series of brainstorming, deep discussion on Campus Life future and planning for next edition was conducted during our tea break and dinner. was it a tea break or duduk lepak minum-minum? haha.

yup. thats hafifi.

thats me. we are invisible men!

Never mind that.

oh yea. Hafifi asked me to upload 187 Clothing previous works. 187 Clothing is the main brand of Campus Life. Don't you realize there is '187' at the back of CampusLife's blog url?

We've been selling almost 300-400 tees around Malaysia including Brunei Darussalam. Yeah, Brunei ya'll. Send the tee there for almost RM30++ postal charge per tee. Damn expensive huh? Tqvm ain!

These are some of our artworks. Our crews: (Firdaus, Fahmie, Faisal, and all supportive friends from 187 Family. You know who you are). But for the time being, its me and Hafifi only running the business. Here are some of it:

That's Eddy

Abe Rikoh

I bet this peninsula guy don't even know what BBKK means

Mobsterfest 3 @ Rapak Takurik, Ranau. Cool name huh?

Daus. He is c.r.e.a.t.i.v.e

Faisal with his hardcore-mosh pit-prep

oh yeah. Angkaxsawan: Collabo with Fajar from Singapore. That girl is taken.

Here are some of orders from our previous customers (printing and design):

KLIUC Netball Team

Jets To July : Sabah indie Band

IPG Tawau Campus's girls: thanks sherry

and many more (UTP, MRSMs, SMK Ranau, Almost Famous clothing etc) but sadly lost the pics already. wargh!

Campus Life
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Helo everyone

We are very sorry for not updating this blog. We are busy handling our orders from the KL supplier. Its tiresome and kinda fun also. We make new friends, extra contacts but for sure with sweaty and smelly armpits. Haha. and its all for u our dear friends!

These are some of the pictures what we have been up to:

yup. hanes beffy t


Just hate N70 2mp

its 24.9 kilogram dude! imagine that.

next, printing.

Campus Life
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Hi everyone!

Recently, there are more CL Posts rather than designs in Campus Life blog isn't it? Well, it's because we are busy on producing the tees for IPG Gaya and IPG Kent. For those who do not know where and what these two institutes are, IPG stands for Institut Perguruan. While Gaya and Kent are the campuses. One located in Kota Kinbalu (Gaya) and the another one is in Tuaran (Kent). Both in Sabah, the land below the wind.

Don't get us wrong okay. You might seeing us promoting more on IPG's instead of Universities. It is because we started the promotion for these two IPG's first. Later on, we'll expanding to universities and other institutes as well. Don't worry. If you wanted us to come to your campus, request it. Or you just need to wait until we arrived to your place.
Don't know how to request? Click here

Behold people, after this we'll be at:
  1. IPG Tawau
  2. IPG Keningau
  3. UITM KK
Each edition for each campus will be produced once and for limited only 50 pieces. If you missed to book the tees, you'll have to wait for the next edition. Whenever the order form is at your place, act fast, or you'll lose it brotha!

P/s- If you have any inquiries, don't hesitate to call us at Hafifi from Marketing Dept number or email Farid from Creative Department. The details at the Right side border: Contacts. Tq

Campus Life
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You guys rocks! Thank you for the orders you have already made. We'll start printing when its reached 50 orders okay? every edition is limited to only 50 pieces. It will never ever reprinted back. Once you miss this, u'll regret it for ur entire life! hehe. The limited tees to sustain the exclusivity of each Campus Life designs. So, don't miss this chance folks! The order will be close anytime soon!

Campus Life
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